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  Advanced Modern Innovation
Posted by: ixefowy - 10 hours ago - Forum: Livestock Farming - No Replies

Advanced Modern Technology

Innovation has actually rapidly developed for many years, bringing developments and developments that have actually reshaped different industries. From effective smartphones to modern synthetic intelligence systems, advanced modern innovation has ended up being an integral part of our lives. In this write-up, we will check out several of the sophisticated innovations that are transforming the world we reside in.
Web of Points (IoT).

The Net of Points (IoT) is a network of interconnected gadgets that are installed with sensors, software application, as well as various other technologies, enabling them to collect and also exchange data. This interconnectedness permits seamless interaction in between gadgets, supplying various advantages in numerous fields.
Smart Residences.

IoT innovation permits home owners to regulate and automate different facets of their houses, such as illumination, security systems, and also kitchen area appliances, with their smart devices or voice aides. In addition, clever house safety systems can send out real-time notifications to homeowners' smart devices when any type of uncommon task is spotted, enhancing overall safety.
Medical care.

In the health care industry, IoT tools have actually transformed client care by allowing remote client tracking, real-time health and wellness monitoring, as well as smart clinical devices that can notify and detect health care professionals of possible concerns. IoT tools can be integrated into clinical equipment, making it possible for medical care experts to from another location keep an eye on clients throughout treatments or surgeries, making sure optimal security as well as performance.
Industrial Automation.

IoT has actually significantly boosted industrial procedures by making it possible for remote monitoring and control of machinery, anticipating upkeep, and reliable supply chain administration. With IoT-enabled commercial automation, services can optimize their operations as well as boost productivity. Sensing units installed in equipment can accumulate real-time data on efficiency, energy usage, and also maintenance needs. This data can be analyzed utilizing AI algorithms to predict possible failings as well as schedule upkeep prior to breakdowns take place, decreasing downtime and lowering prices. Furthermore, IoT-enabled supply chain management systems can track inventory levels, monitor product quality throughout transport, as well as optimize shipment paths, guaranteeing effective logistics and also client contentment.
Expert System (AI).

Expert System (AI) is a branch of computer system science that aims to develop intelligent machines capable of performing tasks that would normally need human intelligence. AI has actually made considerable strides in different fields, reinventing the means we work as well as live.
Personal Assistants.

They can offer tailored referrals, such as recommending close-by dining establishments based on specific choices or suggesting movies based on previous viewing routines. With continuous innovations in AI, personal aides are ending up being much more capable as well as instinctive of understanding intricate commands, boosting their utility in our daily lives.
Health care.

Equipment learning formulas can sort through vast amounts of individual data, including clinical documents, test outcomes, and also imaging scans, to spot subtle indications of illness. Furthermore, AI is being used to establish sophisticated prosthetics as well as assistive technologies for individuals with specials needs, enhancing their mobility as well as top quality of life.
Independent Cars.

AI is a basic part of self-driving cars, allowing them to regard their environments, make choices, and browse safely without human intervention. This innovation has the potential to transform transportation systems, decreasing crashes and blockage while improving efficiency. Autonomous vehicles can interact with each other with IoT innovation, enabling reliable website traffic flow as well as reducing the risk of collisions.
Blockchain Modern technology.

Blockchain technology is a decentralized as well as dispersed digital ledger that tapes transactions across several computer systems. It brings transparency, security, and also immutability to different fields, with its most widely known application being cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Blockchain modern technology has the prospective to change the economic market by supplying transparent as well as safe and secure transactions, getting rid of the demand for middlemans, and minimizing the threat of scams. With blockchain innovation, monetary transactions can be safely videotaped in a decentralized manner, making sure openness and also reducing the risk of tampering.
Supply Chain Monitoring.

Blockchain innovation can bring openness and traceability to supply chains, preventing fake products, making certain the credibility of items, and decreasing ineffectiveness. In traditional supply chains, tracing the origin and also motion of items can be difficult, bring about counterfeiting, quality issues, and hold-ups. By utilizing blockchain modern technology, each step of the supply chain can be securely recorded and also validated, developing an immutable document of product info, including beginning, making processes, as well as transportation details. This allows services as well as consumers to have complete presence and also confidence in the authenticity and also top quality of items. Additionally, blockchain-based wise contracts can automate repayment as well as verification procedures, lowering paperwork as well as streamlining deals between vendors, distributors, as well as makers.
Digital Identification Confirmation.

Blockchain can allow protected and also decentralized digital identity verification, decreasing the risk of identity burglary and also enhancing privacy in on-line transactions. Blockchain innovation permits for the development of electronic identifications that are firmly stored as well as validated, lessening the requirement for several usernames and passwords.
Enhanced and virtual Fact (VR/AR).

Digital Fact (VIRTUAL REALITY) as well as Augmented Fact (AR) innovations give immersive experiences by overlaying virtual components onto the real life or producing entirely virtual environments.

Virtual reality and AR have changed the pc gaming sector, supplying players with immersive gameplay experiences and also allowing them to engage with online worlds. With VR technology, players can be completely immersed in digital atmospheres, experiencing games from a first-person viewpoint and engaging with things and also characters in a sensible way. AR technology, on the various other hand, overlays digital aspects onto the genuine globe, mixing the physical as well as online worlds. This enables players to experience interactive gameplay in their real surroundings, enhancing engagement as well as creating one-of-a-kind pc gaming experiences. VR as well as AR modern technologies proceed to breakthrough, offering more realistic graphics, improved movement monitoring, and enhanced haptic comments, further submersing players in online worlds.
Education and also Training.

With VR technology, pupils can discover historic sites, travel to different components of the world, as well as communicate with online objects to acquire a deeper understanding of the subject issue. AR technology can provide real-time guidance and info overlays, enabling trainees to imagine intricate concepts or do hands-on experiments. The usage of Virtual reality and AR in education and also training has the potential to boost involvement, boost retention of info, as well as enable useful learning experiences in a selection of self-controls.
Design as well as Prototyping.

VR and AR technologies are utilized in numerous sectors to picture as well as evaluate products before they are manufactured. Engineers, designers, and product developers can produce reasonable 3D designs and also simulations, determining potential issues as well as enhancing designs. With VR modern technology, designers can practically walk with building structures, evaluating the spatial format, lights, as well as products. This permits for very early discovery of layout imperfections and also assists in effective interaction with stakeholders and clients. AR modern technology can overlay online models onto physical items, allowing designers to envision and also evaluate product looks, performance, as well as ergonomics. By including virtual reality and AR technologies right into the design as well as prototyping processes, organizations can minimize development prices, speed up time-to-market, and fine-tune products based upon practical customer feedback.
Quantum Computing.

Quantum computing is an emerging field that leverages the concepts of quantum auto mechanics to carry out intricate calculations. It has the possible to fix problems that are currently unbending for classical computer systems.
Scientific Study.

Traditional computers battle to simulate the actions of quantum systems, such as molecular interactions or quantum materials. Quantum computer systems, on the various other hand, can harness the principles of quantum mechanics to mimic these systems a lot more properly and successfully. Quantum computer can likewise resolve optimization problems more successfully, allowing businesses to enhance intricate procedures, such as supply chain administration, monetary modeling, as well as logistics planning.

Quantum computer systems can possibly break generally made use of file encryption algorithms, however they can additionally supply enhanced safety and security actions via quantum cryptography, making certain protected communication and also data security. Quantum vital circulation (QKD) methods use the principles of quantum mechanics to protect communication networks. By using the abilities of quantum computer and quantum cryptography, services and people can protect their data and interactions in a period of progressing cybersecurity hazards.
Financial Modeling.

Quantum computer can revolutionize financial modeling by examining vast quantities of data as well as executing intricate calculations, enabling even more exact predictions and run the risk of assessments. Banks handle large quantities of data, complicated mathematical designs, as well as time-sensitive decision-making. Quantum computer systems have the potential to procedure and also analyze this data at unprecedented speeds, allowing more precise monetary designs and also predictions. For instance, quantum computer can maximize portfolio monitoring by considering a vast number of restrictions and variables concurrently, leading to extra effective danger management and also financial investment approaches. Additionally, quantum computer can improve algorithmic trading by quickly assessing market fads, determining patterns, and also implementing trades with minimal latency. By harnessing the power of quantum computer, banks can gain an one-upmanship, make even more enlightened decisions, and also mitigate threats successfully.

These are just a few instances of the innovative modern-day innovations that are forming our present as well as future. As modern technology proceeds to evolve, it brings with it brand-new opportunities as well as chances throughout numerous sectors. Accepting these innovations can cause boosted performance, boosted lifestyle, as well as limitless innovation.
1. What is the Net of Points (IoT) as well as how does it profit us?

The Web of Points (IoT) is a network of interconnected devices embedded with sensors and software program that can collect and also trade data. It permits for smooth communication in between gadgets, supplying benefits such as push-button control of smart homes, remote individual tracking in health care, and enhanced commercial automation.
2. Exactly How does Expert System (AI) impact our day-to-day lives?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) aims to produce smart machines qualified of executing tasks that normally call for human knowledge. AI-powered personal aides, enhanced health care diagnostics, as well as self-driving cars and trucks are some instances of just how AI is revolutionizing our lives.
3. How does Blockchain innovation enhance financing as well as supply chain administration?

Blockchain innovation supplies protected as well as transparent deals, removing the need for middlemans as well as reducing scams in the money industry. In supply chain monitoring, it brings transparency and also traceability, making sure the credibility of products and also streamlining transactions in between manufacturers, vendors, and also suppliers.

Autonomous automobiles can interact with each various other via IoT modern technology, making it possible for effective website traffic flow and lowering the danger of collisions. Blockchain technology has the prospective to reinvent the financial sector by supplying clear and safe and secure deals, removing the need for middlemans, and minimizing the danger of fraudulence. AR technology, on the various other hand, superimposes virtual elements onto the actual globe, mixing the physical as well as online worlds. VR as well as AR technologies proceed to development, offering more sensible graphics, boosted activity monitoring, and improved haptic responses, additionally immersing players in digital globes.
AR technology can overlay virtual models onto physical objects, enabling designers to evaluate and also imagine item appearances, functionality, and also ergonomics. http://bogdan.net.pl

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  Melange Farming of Catfish more profitable
Posted by: Sendrix - 10-19-2023, 10:37 PM - Forum: Livestock Farming - No Replies

Where the money is in the fish farming business is growing and raising your fish to 250-350g and then smoke them and sell

You will get a quick return on your investment. The profit won't be much but on turnover, you will smile

This will take you 8-10 weeks (all things being equal)

You can continue this cycle as long as possible

Instead of doing everything, narrow down your niche

Got this from a whatsup group and feel like sharing it.

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  My Cucumber Farm Journey June 2023
Posted by: Henlus - 09-17-2023, 08:16 PM - Forum: Crops & Plantation Farming - Replies (19)

Here is a summary of my cucumber farm planted on 16th June 2023. 1173 plants in total at a spacing of 60cm between plants  and 1m between rows. I used Rocket nematicide, applied NPK 20:10:10 three times and manure 3 times.

I pruned them and trained them to climb the staking net. To protect from pests and diseases, and to boost growth, I sprayed them with a combo of insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizer, aspirin and magnesium sulphate every 4 days.

First harvest started on 25th July (40 days after planting). But because they were not all planted at once first harvest was not up to 1 bag. Just 14.5kg (1 bag is about 54kg). 2nd harvest was 3.5 bags. I normally harvest every 3-5 days.

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  Good Herbicide for cassava
Posted by: Trimex - 09-11-2023, 09:27 AM - Forum: Crops & Plantation Farming - Replies (2)


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  Cancer: Taiwan, Malaysia Detect Ethylene Oxide In Indomie Noodles
Posted by: Henlus - 04-30-2023, 04:47 PM - Forum: Agric News - No Replies

Manufacturer protests as Taiwan, Malaysia detect ‘cancer-causing’ substance in Indomie noodles

Indofood, makers of Indomie instant noodles, has reacted to a recall of its products in Taiwan and Malaysia over an increased cancer risk.

Health officials in Malaysia and Taiwan said they had detected ethylene oxide, a compound, in Indomie’s “special chicken” flavor noodles.

Ethylene oxide is a colourless, odourless gas that is used to sterilise medical devices and spices and has been associated as a cancer causing chemical.

The ministry of health in Malaysia said it had examined 36 samples of instant noodles from different brands since 2022 and found that 11 samples contained ethylene oxide.

The ministry said it had taken enforcement actions and recalled the affected products. It is unclear if other brands were implicated.

The development came hours after the department of health in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, said it detected ethylene oxide in two types of instant noodles, including the Indomie chicken flavor, following random inspections.
“The detection of ethylene oxide in the product did not comply with [standards],” the department said in a statement.

“Businesses have been ordered to immediately remove them from their shelves.”


Reacting to the allegations in a statement on Friday, Taufik Wiraatmadja, a member of the board of directors at Indofoods, defended the safety of the noodles.

Wiraatmadja said the noodles have received standard certifications and have been produced in compliance with international food safety regulations.

“Following the media reports in Taiwan on 24 April 2023 regarding the detection of ethylene oxide (“EtO”) in the Ah Lai White Curry Noodles from Malaysia and seasoning of Indomie Special Chicken Flavour, PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (“ICBP” or the “Company”) as a subsdiary of PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk wishes to provide explanation regarding Indomie, as follows,” the statement reads.

“All instant noodles produced by ICBP in Indonesia are processed in compliance with the food safety standards from the Codex Standard for Instant Noodles and standards set by the Indonesian National Agency for Drug and Food Control (“BPOM RI”). Our instant noodles have received Indonesian National Standard Certification (SNI), and are produced in certified production facilities based on international standards.

“ICBP has exported instant noodles to various countries around the world for more than 30 years. The Company continuously ensures that all of its products are in compliance with the applicable food safety regulations and guidelines in Indonesia as well as other countries where ICBP’s instant noodles are marketed.

“We would like to emphasize that in accordance with the statement released by BPOM RI, our Indomie instant noodles are safe for consumption.”

Nigeria is one of the highest consumers of the Indomie instant noodles.


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  A Heart Attack Can Be Predicted Even Months Before: Your Hair Warns You
Posted by: Henlus - 04-30-2023, 04:32 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - No Replies

Heart attacks are responsible for a huge number of deaths every year. For many people, heart attacks can strike without warning and be fatal. It can be hard to tell if you are at risk for a heart attack, and nearly impossible to predict. However, it has recently been discovered that it may be possible to predict a heart attack months before one occurs, by simply testing a sample of your hair for the stress hormone cortisol.
A heart attack or myocardial infarction occurs when heart muscles are suddenly deprived of oxygen-rich blood. This can occur for a few reasons, however, it most often happens as a result of coronary heart disease. This disease causes plaque to build up in the arteries, which eventually could cause a rupture inside of an artery, creating blood clots which could completely block the blood flow to the heart. Another, less common cause of heart attacks is when there is a spasm of one of the coronary arteries.

This results in a heart attack, and if the blood flow is not restored as quickly as possible, then permanent damage occurs to the heart muscle, and it begins to die. This could lead to heart failure and permanent damage, which could result in life-long difficulties.

There are a few warning signs that occur with a heart attack, including chest pain, shortness of breath, and pain or discomfort in the arms, back, shoulders, or the jaw. There could also be light headedness or dizziness, cold sweat, nausea, and fatigue.

Unfortunately, these symptoms only occur once the heart attack is happening. At this point, it can be too late. However, there may be a way to find out if a heart attack is looming months in advance.
According to an Israeli-Canadian study, chronic stress is a huge factor in heart attacks, and a predictor for this can be found by studying the stress hormones levels in hair. The hormone cortisol which is secreted during times of high stress can be measured in the blood, urine, and also the hair.

Since hair grows slowly, on an average of one centimeter per month, a lot of information can be stored in the strands. A six-centimeter-long hair sample can show the cortisol levels over that six month time period, and may signal if someone is at risk due to high levels of stress.
These findings were based on the Israeli-Canadian study, which took hair samples from a group of people who had suffered heart attacks, and also from a control group who had no heart issues. It was found that the concentrations of cortisol in the hair of the first group were elevated in the three months before their episodes.

Although this is a new study, it does show promise as a method of testing for determining whether a patient is at risk of a heart attack. If anything, it can show when cortisol levels are increased, and can be taken as a sign to slow down and de-stress.

Source: tophealthnews.net

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  How to Generate Electricity from Dirty Water Using Microbes
Posted by: FarmTech - 02-19-2023, 07:20 PM - Forum: Renewable Energy - No Replies

Do you know that any dirty water (waste water)  containing micro organisms can be used to generate electricity? The dirty water can be manure slurry, waste water from agro processing, urine, brewery wastewater, kitchen wastewater etc. This can be achieved using a microbial fuel cell (MFC). So how did scientists achieve this feat?

One of the simplest setup consist of a 2 chamber container. The chambers are separated by a membrane which can be a costly material like Nafion or a cheap one like earthenware. Two electrodes are placed in the chambers and connected to a load (such as LED lights, sensors etc) using copper wires. One of the electrodes is called the anode (negative) and the other a cathode (positive). The anode chamber is filled with wastewater and sealed to prevent oxygen from entering while the cathode chamber is open to air.

[Image: mfc-2-chambers.jpg]

The anode can be made from graphite, carbon brush (best), carbon cloth, carbon veil, stainless steel mesh etc. The cathode can be made from activated carbon (AC), modified activated carbon, AC mixed with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and pasted on a stainless steel mesh, carbon black, carbon black modified with aerogel, carbon nanotubes (CNT), carbon nanofibers (CNF) graphene etc.

Don't let these names scare you though. Some of them are quite simple to obtain. For example, you can use the lead in pencil as graphite. You can make activated carbon by treating charcoal with chemicals like lemon juice, bleach, potassium hydroxide, calcium chloride, phosphoric acid etc.

What happens in a MFC is that microbes attached to the anode surface will eat organic matters and produce:

1. Carbon dioxide (CO2)
2. hydrogen ions H+ and
3. electrons.

The electrons will flow externally from anode to the cathode as follows: from the microbes to the anode; anode to copper wire; copper wire to the load and load to the cathode. This electron flow generate electricity that powers the load.

Internally, the hydrogen ions will flow to the cathode chamber through the separating membrane where it will combine with electrons and oxygen to form water.

One disadvantage of microbial fuel cell (MFC) is their low power output. A MFC with a 1 square meter anode surface area will produce only about 0.4 miliwatt depending on the type and components used. You need about 1 watt (1000 miliwatt) to light up a high power LED light. So a MFC needed to light up this LED will need to have an anode surface area of about 2500 square meter (Roughly one-third of a football field!). But there is hope due to new scientific advances that have been made after years of research. By using specially made electrodes and more effective configurations, power output have been  boosted (up to 2 watts per square meter!). By connecting the output of many MFC in series or parallel, MFCs have been successfully used to power LED lights and even charge mobile phones.

Pic of 1w Led
Pic of series parallel

Soil-based microbial fuel cells
In this type of MFC, the anode is buried few centimeters in the soil while the cathode rest on top of the soil (or it is slightly buried), and is exposed to air. The soil must be wet and rich in organic matters like dead leaves, manure etc.

[Image: SoilMFC.png]
A Soil Microbial Fuel Cell

Plant microbial fuel cells
This one is similar to soil-based microbial fuel cells. Just that plants are grown in the soil. The plant roots will secrete nutrients that will feed soil microbes. These microbes will release electrons that will produce electricity. As a result of this feeding of microbes, plant MFC will generate more electricity than soil-based MFC.

[Image: plant-mfc.jpg]
A Plant Microbial Fuel Cell

Apart from generating electricity, MFC can be used to remove excess nutrients from wastewater and reduced its biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) before releasing it into rivers and streams. Excess nutrient can cause algae bloom in rivers, streams and oceans. This is a situation where algae, a type of water plant, will grow fast and cover the water surface. Then they will die and decay. As they decay, they use up water oxygen and cause fish and other water creatures to die in masses.

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is the amount of oxygen required by microorganism to breakdown organic matters. If you release wastewater into water bodies without first treating them, microorganisms will use more oxygen to breakdown the organic matters. This will kill or stress water creatures.

MFCs have also been used to remove pollutants like antibiotics, metal ions etc from wastewaters.

There are 3 other variants of MFC, namely microbial electrolysis cell (MEC), microbial desalination cell (MDC) and microbial electrosynthesis.

1. Microbial Electrolysis Cell (MEC): In this cell, microorganisms and an external power supply are used to produce hydrogen gas. Part of the electricity comes from microbes and the rest comes from an external power supply like battery. Thus less energy input is required.

[Image: m-electrolysis.jpg]
Microbial Electrolysis Cell

2. Microbial Desalination Cell (MDC): Here, microbes are used to turn salty water into fresh, drinkable water. According to wikipedia, only 0.3% of the earth's water supply is usable for human consumption, while over 99% is sequestered by oceans, glaciers, brackish waters, and biomass. With MDC, these unusable water can be made fit for human use. 
[Image: desalination.jpg]

A Microbial Desalination Cell

There are other ways to desalinate salty water such as reverse osmosis, nanofiltration etc. But MDC is preferable because of its lower costs, energy and environmental impacts.

3. Microbial Electrosynthesis: This is where microbes are feed carbon dioxide (CO2) and electricity to produce chemical products like acetic acid, ethanol, butanol, butyric acid, hexanoic acid and hexanol. This can be achieved while treating wastewater. This is important because CO2 is the major cause of global warming.  Unfortunately, this technology is still at an infancy stage.

[Image: electrosynthesis.jpg]
Image Source: Researchgate.net

A typical MES setup consists of two chambers, namely anodic chamber and cathodic chamber; separated by a proton exchange membrane (PEM) that allows the protons to migrate from the anodic to the cathodic chamber. At the anode, water molecules split into protons, electrons, and gaseous oxygen. The oxygen escapes the anodic chamber, protons are transferred to the cathodic chamber through the PEM, and the electrons are drawn to the cathode through an external circuit. In the cathodic chamber, the electrons and protons or energy carriers such as such as hydrogen and CO2 are combined by biocatalysts (eg acetogen microbes) to produce primarily volatile fatty acids (VFAs) like formate, acetate, butyrate, etc. An external power supply is needed to achieve this.

The world have gone a long way technologically. But it seems like Africa is left behind mainly due to lack of research fundings.

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  New Scam In Town - Lagos & Portharcort
Posted by: Henlus - 01-05-2023, 07:10 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - No Replies

My in-laws brother was recently scammed.
He was told to pay 600k for a job in a company and that his salary will be paid in dollars every week.

He sold all he had and left for Lagos without consulting any family member. He was welcomed by his so called employers and ushered into a building that looks like an office. After paying the fees he was held hostage and striped off every belongings and kept in a room. There he saw other victims being used by these so called employers.

His line was not connecting, they give him the phone to communicate when they want to pass any information in their favour and after that no more phone call, the victim might even be forced to tell you that he is very busy that's y you he can't be reached anytime until he calls back.

They use these victims held hostage to convince family members or friends to come over and take the job/business offer.

As soon as you get there, they strip you off every belongings, seize you phone and collect the money you brought. Once you are there they threaten to kill you if you don't corporate with them. They will tell you call a family member or friend and tell them about the business/job and that you have started benefiting.

In my in-laws brother's case, his escape from where he was kept hostage was a miracle. He is back to zero.

Please share this information with your family and friends so that non will fall victim.

Thank you.


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  New Scam In Town - Lagos & Portharcort
Posted by: Henlus - 01-05-2023, 07:10 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - No Replies

My in-laws brother was recently scammed.
He was told to pay 600k for a job in a company and that his salary will be paid in dollars every week.

He sold all he had and left for Lagos without consulting any family member. He was welcomed by his so called employers and ushered into a building that looks like an office. After paying the fees he was held hostage and striped off every belongings and kept in a room. There he saw other victims being used by these so called employers.

His line was not connecting, they give him the phone to communicate when they want to pass any information in their favour and after that no more phone call, the victim might even be forced to tell you that he is very busy that's y you he can't be reached anytime until he calls back.

They use these victims held hostage to convince family members or friends to come over and take the job/business offer.

As soon as you get there, they strip you off every belongings, seize you phone and collect the money you brought. Once you are there they threaten to kill you if you don't corporate with them. They will tell you call a family member or friend and tell them about the business/job and that you have started benefiting.

In my in-laws brother's case, his escape from where he was kept hostage was a miracle. He is back to zero.

Please share this information with your family and friends so that non will fall victim.

Thank you.


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  Supporting LGTBQ is not how to show love
Posted by: Henlus - 12-18-2022, 08:59 PM - Forum: Religion - Replies (1)

Many Christians say life is all about “Loving God and loving one another,” probably because that is literally the mission statement of many local churches. There is nothing wrong with that. After all, Christ said these are the two greatest commandments. The problem for these professed Christians and visible churches is that they seem to rarely ever define biblically what it means to love God and love one another. Hint, this is not it, Amy.

Loving God means having genuine affection for Him in your heart because of His great mercy in Christ, which leads to you keeping His commands by the power of His Spirit.

Loving one another means helping other people love God by having genuine affection for Him because of His great mercy in Christ, which leads them to keep His commands by His Spirit.

This photo represents nothing of the sort.

Those who truly love God hate sin and love righteousness. They never rightly celebrate what is wicked. Those who love neighbor call them to repent and believe on Christ. Those who love neighbor call them to bend the knee to Christ. Those who love neighbor call them to glorify Christ. Those who love neighbor never encourage them either passively or actively in their sin.

This is Christianity 101, saints.

phesians 5:11-14
Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says,
“Awake, O sleeper,
and arise from the dead,
and Christ will shine on you.”

Whoever says to the wicked, “You are in the right,” will be cursed by peoples, abhorred by nations, but those who rebuke the wicked will have delight, and a good blessing will come upon them.
Proverbs 24:24‭-‬25 ESV

The "truth" the way the world loves, is not the same love God is talking about. The world may use Biblical language but that does not make them saved.

How to tell you don’t love God:

His laws are burdensome.

1 John 5:3

[3] For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome.

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  Pig gave birth prematurely
Posted by: Trimex - 10-19-2022, 10:30 PM - Forum: Livestock Farming - Replies (2)

Hello everyone.
Please what could be the cause of a sow giving birth prematurely, 3 weeks before the time?

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Thumbs Up Nematicides Question
Posted by: Hunter - 10-19-2022, 09:29 AM - Forum: Crops & Plantation Farming - Replies (12)

Hello house. What are the available nematicides in nigeria for use in crop farming?

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  Broiler Feed and Growth Chart
Posted by: Henlus - 10-09-2022, 10:56 PM - Forum: Livestock Farming - Replies (6)

Common questions I see people ask are:
How much weight does a broiler gain per week? Or
How much feed would broiler consume for 7 weeks?

Well, the chart below will help you to calculate that. Cheers.

[Image: broiler-feed-and-growth-chart.jpg]

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  Catfish Feed Formulae
Posted by: Danny - 10-09-2022, 06:25 PM - Forum: Livestock Farming - Replies (1)

Below is a sample catfish feed fmlae I got from a training manual:

[Image: catfish-feed-formulae.jpg]

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  Comedy Skits Objectify Women - Fr Kelvin Ugwu
Posted by: Henlus - 10-09-2022, 01:42 PM - Forum: Religion - No Replies

A lot of the comedy skits we consume online are basically objectifying women. You can go through most of the online comedians you know and see for yourselves. If it is not about big buttøcks or breasts, it will be about who will follow a man to the bedroom due to the type of car he has.

It used to be music videos that were leading in this regard, but comedy skits have taken it to another level because of how handy and how easy people share them on social media.

Through jokes, while we laugh, messages are passed. And since we regard them as comedies, even kids are not restricted to watch. Today, the desire to do surgery and make the h!ps or breasts bigger is now fashionable. It is now common to hear people discussing, “When will you do your Nyånsh” or “Which doctor did your nyånsh?”

Teenagers in secondary schools are now standing before the mirror at any given time to see if their buttøcks have increased. Almost every comedy skit about buttøcks and breasts has millions of views.

As a priest, I may have my reservations from a moral point of view, but even if you are not looking at it from the moral perspective, you should at least be concerned that women are now priced based on the sizes of their buttøcks and breasts. That is objectification and a lot of it are coming from comedy skits.


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  Pig Feed Formulae
Posted by: Henlus - 10-07-2022, 05:28 PM - Forum: Livestock Farming - Replies (7)

I will like to share with you guys this pig feed formulae that gave high growth rate of 721g per day. But note that improved pig breeds were used and that matters a lot. Feeding local hens quality feed will not make them grow like broilers. You get it?

Pig breed used in the research was a hybrid of Yorkshire-Hampshire-Landrace-Duroc. But you can use other improved breeds with good result. And here is the feed:

Sweet potato leaves and stems were chopped and fed to the pig adlibitum (that is, it was made available at all times). In addition to this, a protein supplement was given at 1.6kg per pig per day till they reach 60kg body weight. Let's call this "feed 1". Initial body weight at the start of the experiment was about 30kg.

From 60kg body weight to 90kg body weight, "feed 2" is given at 1.8kg per pig per day.

Formulae for feed 1 is:
Maize: 52kg
Soybeans meal: 31.4kg
Palm oil: 12.5kg
Limestone (calcium carbonate): 0.8kg Calcium phosphate: 2.5kg
Salt: 0.5kg
Vitamin-mineral premix: 0.2kg

Feed formulae 2 is:
Maize: 57.2kg
Soybeans meal: 26kg
Palm oil: 12.5kg
Limestone (calcium carbonate): 0.87kg Calcium phosphate: 2.49kg
Salt: 0.5kg
Vitamin-mineral premix: 0.2kg DL-Methionine: 0.03kg
DL-Lysine: 0.15kg

So if you are a potato farmer, you can consider using the diet above to fatten pigs. One way to guarantee constant supply of sweet potato leaves is by ensilaging it with corn/cassava flour.

In the experiment, the diet above was compared to a costly control diet. Control diet formula 1 fed till 60kg body weight is shown below:
Maize: 78kg
Soybeans meal: 17.4kg
Palm oil: None
Limestone (calcium carbonate): 0.586kg Calcium phosphate: 2.42kg
Salt: 0.5kg
Vitamin-mineral premix: 0.2kg DL-Methionine: None
DL-Lysine: 0.6kg

Control Diet 2 fed from 60kg to 90kg body weight is:
Maize: 78.8kg
Soybeans meal: 17.4kg
Palm oil: None
Limestone (calcium carbonate): 0.58kg Calcium phosphate: 2.42kg
Salt: 0.5kg
Vitamin-mineral premix: 0.2kg DL-Methionine: None
DL-Lysine: 0.06kg

The control diets gave an average of 779g body weight gain per day and a feed conversion ratio of 2.52kg per kg gain.

Source: http://www.lrrd.org/lrrd15/9/gonz159.html

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  How to Prevent Sow from Killing Her Piglets
Posted by: Manger - 10-02-2022, 10:03 PM - Forum: Livestock Farming - Replies (1)

A sow can kill some or all of her piglets. The following can contribute to it:

1. Unclipped Piglets Teeth: Piglets have very sharp teeth. When they bite the sow's nipple with it, she might kill or injure them. So clip their teeth as early as 15 minutes old using tooth clippers or pliers or forceps.

2. First-time Mothers: It is more common with sows that are giving birth for the first time.

3. Stress: Stressful conditions like noise, fear, limited space, poor pen conditions etc may cause it. So keep sows in peaceful and clean environment. Leaving the lights on at night have been found helpful by a science study (16-24 hours of light per day).

Changing pen a day or two before farrowing (giving birth) can be stressful for the sow. Do so at least 3 days or more before farrowing so that she get use to the new territory.

If the sow is aggressive towards the piglets while giving birth, separate the piglets from her until she finish farrowing.

4. Nutritional Deficiency: Nutrient deficiency can cause it. So make sure to feed balanced feed with adequate level of protein.

5. Human Behaviour: If you or your workers are aggressive towards the sow, she may transfer it to her piglets.

If your sow is in the right area and have the right feed and yet kept on killing her piglets, sell her off asap because they will likely do it again.

Sometimes, sows can kill piglets unintentionally by lying on them, stepping on them or during birth. In these cases it is not their fault.

After mating period, restrict feeding because fat sows are problematic. Disadvantages include high embryonic mortality, small number of piglets, birth complications, crush piglets, reduce feed intake during subsequent lactation and they are less prolific at the next parity. To prevent over feeding, pregnant sows are feed 3 types of diets, namely:
1. Early gestation diet (day 0–30)
2. Mid-gestation (day 30–75) and
3) late gestation (approximately the last 45 days)

Although many Nigerian pig farmers don't practice most of these things, you will have an edge over them if you do more research and practice them. Thanks

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  CBN Goes After States, Farmers Over ₦600 Billion Unpaid Loans
Posted by: Hippo - 09-29-2022, 09:04 PM - Forum: Agric News - No Replies

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has begun an aggressive drive to recover the loans it gave out under its development finance interventions.

Top on the list of debtors are state governments whose monthly Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) accruals are already being debited directly every month. The deductions will last six months.

Director, Development Finance of the CBN Yusuf Yila, who disclosed this during a post-Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) in Abuja yesterday, did not name the debtor states.

Yila, who named the Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP) and Commercial Agric Credit (CAC) as some of the intervention programmes, said: “Every person(s) or state that took that loan (ABP) is going to pay. We have their BVN.”

Such persons referenced by Yila are smallholder farmers, who received funds for farming from state governments via the ABP, but have yet to pay them back.

The CBN director added that the apex bank was collaborating with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to ensure that the loans were recovered.

Yila said while the ABP loan repayments were particularly poor, that of CAC was almost excellent.

Under the ABP, the CBN gave out about N1 trillion but recovered only N400 billion. But under the CAC, the bank. lent out about N800 billion and recovered N700 billion.

His words: “We have started recovering loans from state governments. We have been doing a loan workout programme with them and we are debiting their monthly FAAC accruals directly for the loans.

“If a state government has taken N1 billion and is already in default, over a six-month period, we debit them N150 million every month. So, we’ve started that programme..

“So, every single loan that has been given out through any of our intervention programmes must be paid back.

“There is absolutely no mercy. We have started; we are in recovery mode. At the development finance department, we have begun to recover the loans.”

“There is the ABP which is a primary consumption element of our interventions. We lent out N1 trillion for the ABP of which we have gotten over N400 billion back.

“Every single person or state that took that loan (ABP) is going to pay. We have their BVN. In fact, we have started implementing the Global Standing Instruction (GSI).

“We will continue to pull the account in the bank that they lent to or whichever bank that they have account. Anytime we see money in that account, we will recover it.

“We are working with the EFCC. The CBN governor has approved the collaboration with the EFCC on loan recoveries.”

Yila also said that credit facilities extended to businesses and individuals have not performed poorly.

According to him, out of the N9 trillion intervention fund to spur economic growth, about N5 trillion is still under moratorium.

Another staff member of the CBN, who did not want his name in print, said there was “an intervention facility that state governments accessed for projects but had failed to pay back.”.

He explained that “the CBN wrote to the states reminding them of payment as per our recovery drive but they decided to fight back by seeking the reduction of the bank’s powers.”.

The staff member made reference to the debate by the Senate on Tuesday on whittling down the powers of the CBN governor.

The Director, Banking Supervision of the CBN, Haruna Mustapha, spoke on the implications of Tuesday’s interest rate hike by the apex bank.

Mustapha said that “banks will make more profit from interest charged on loans and will reprice existing loans to borrowers.”

This, according to him, “will be transferred to bank customers and this will add to cost of borrowing. “

Adding that “interests on government securities will also go up, ” he said the CBN has given approval to banks to increase interest on savings deposits to 30 percent effective.

“We increased it from 10 percent to 20 percent and it stands to reason that since we hiked MPR yesterday(Tuesday) to 15.5 percent, it will change the equation. The effective date is September,” Mustapha said.

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Thumbs Down The 4 Broiler Breeds And The Ones That Grow Taller And Fatter In Shorter Time
Posted by: Donk - 09-05-2022, 10:25 AM - Forum: Livestock Farming - Replies (4)



Am going to be talking about the 4 best types of broiler breed we have in Nigeria and the hatchery that produces them, the advantages they have over themselves and you get to know which you should go for when you are ready to start poultry farming.

The 4 best Broilers are
1)ROSS 308.
2)COBB 500.

1)ROSS 308.
The Ross 308, they don't grow very tall and are always short but very fat, they can withstand cold but they hate heat.Ross 308 grows faster than other broilers breed. They have a good conversion ratio and are more suitable to be raised for 4-6weeks and then sell them off. they can weigh up to 2.5kg at 5WEEKS of age. The hatcheries that produce them include SAYED AND AGRITED HATCHERY.

2)COBB 500.
Not as fast-growing as the Ross 308, but they grow taller than Ross 308. They can’t withstand cold and often sneeze and contact chronic respiratory diseases(CRD) easily even when they are still a day old chick. They are also strongly resistant to heat more than Ross 308. And more agile and resistant to diseases.
Hatcheries that produce COBB 500 include ZARTECH, OLAM, CASCADA, AND NPG.

They are more similar to Ross 308 and can weigh up to 2.7kg At 6 weeks of age, they have an average daily weight gain of 93 g and an average daily weight gain of 79g at 8 weeks of age under good conditions. They are also more resistant to diseases.
Hatcheries that produce ARBOR ACRE ARE AMO, CHI, AND FIDAN.

The only disadvantage is that Marshall doesn’t grow up fast like the other breeds do but they are the broilers that grow the tallest among the broilers breed. And they are more required during the celebration period because of their physical appearance. They can stay up to 12 weeks before you can start marketing to sell them.

I will be informing you more about the different types of broiler breeds and the ones more suitable for you to raise to get the best results in my Facebook Group.
To know more about the different broilers Click the link below to join my Facebook group

[Image: broiler-breeds-detailed.jpeg]

[Image: broiler-breeds.jpeg]

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  The Warning God Gave Me After I Began To Write Worldly & Ungodly Scripts - Mike Bamil
Posted by: Manihot - 08-24-2022, 10:28 PM - Forum: Religion - No Replies

Popular Gospel Actor and Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye in a recent post on his official Facebook page spoke about why Christians should use their gifts and talents for God. He titled it "Gifted For The Kingdom Reason."

Several years ago, before I entered the ministry, during our church convention, I was standing outside the large church building on that Sunday morning, when a very famous music minister was called upon to come out and minister to us in song. She walked out to the front, grabbed the microphone and began to sing. Shortly, the whole place became electrified with the presence of God. I and a lot of others were standing outside the church building because there was no longer space inside to sit. The anointing that morning was so heavy upon the congregation as the voice of that woman rent the hallowed chamber of the large hall.

As he listened to the songs she sang, he could not control himself anymore when he began to sob in tears and pray: " LORD, you are using a woman, use me too. I want to serve You. Use me too..." This was all he was praying in tears when he suddenly began to hear His voice coming up from me. He heard God plainly speaking to him, "I will use you if you surrender your gift at my feet." "That was the contention, my Gift, my talents. I was a gifted writer. I wrote drama scripts and novels. But many of the things I wrote at that time were non-christian literary pieces," he said.

Speaking further, he said that when the Lord was talking to him that morning, his heart went directly to the drama scripts he had just written which were not Christian stories, but mere mortal, theatrical secular themes. He heard Him that morning, telling him to stop using his writing gift to write whatever he liked. "And I was crying because I was told to stop writing all I was writing if I would be used by God. I didn't want to stop writing those theatrical dramatic pieces; I didn't want to stop writing those adventurous and investigative novels that profited the Heavens nothing," he said.

In order to convince God otherwise or please Him, he adopted another strategy. He began writing Bible stories in dramatic form but with traditional secular themes, that had no reference to God or any spiritual lessons. He was glued to this gift and it had become an idol to him. He found it difficult to submit it at the feet of Christ and could not do what the Lord was demanding from him. He continued in this till one morning, the Lord showed him in a dream, that unless he obeyed Him and go urgently to withdraw those scripts from the publishing companies that had offered and prepared to publish them, the devil would use the published books to rubbish his ministry later in life and He would not be able to do what He wanted to do in my life and ministry.

He then woke up in the morning and told his wife that he needs to travel to those publishers. He went to them and met one of the Publishing Directors who was, incidentally, in charge of that particular script. She was a woman and he told her what he had come to do which was to withdraw his script from publishing. He never wanted it to be published again. She tried to persuade him, but he stuck to his request. She said she was also a Christian, but there was nothing bad in the script but he stuck to his demand. At last, she agreed and said she would table the matter before the management and send the manuscript to him. She presented a document to him and he signed and left the place. A week later, he got the script back. I was relieved and then told the Lord, "I hereby submit all my gifts at your feet." And that was all.

Therefore, every gift is deposited in a person's life by God for the Expansion of the Kingdom of God, it is not meant to serve your pleasures and neither was it given to you to do whatever you like with it.

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