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Comedy Skits Objectify Women - Fr Kelvin Ugwu
A lot of the comedy skits we consume online are basically objectifying women. You can go through most of the online comedians you know and see for yourselves. If it is not about big buttøcks or breasts, it will be about who will follow a man to the bedroom due to the type of car he has.

It used to be music videos that were leading in this regard, but comedy skits have taken it to another level because of how handy and how easy people share them on social media.

Through jokes, while we laugh, messages are passed. And since we regard them as comedies, even kids are not restricted to watch. Today, the desire to do surgery and make the h!ps or breasts bigger is now fashionable. It is now common to hear people discussing, “When will you do your Nyånsh” or “Which doctor did your nyånsh?”

Teenagers in secondary schools are now standing before the mirror at any given time to see if their buttøcks have increased. Almost every comedy skit about buttøcks and breasts has millions of views.

As a priest, I may have my reservations from a moral point of view, but even if you are not looking at it from the moral perspective, you should at least be concerned that women are now priced based on the sizes of their buttøcks and breasts. That is objectification and a lot of it are coming from comedy skits.


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