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Aquatic Plant: What is the Difference Between Duckweed and Azolla?
What is the Difference Between Duckweed and Azolla?
[Image: duckweed-vs-azolla.jpg]

Below it duckweed and azolla growing together.

[Image: duckweed-and-azolla-growing-together.jpg]

Azolla is sometimes called ‘small duckweed’, but this is a misleading name. Azolla is a pteridophyte, whereas duckweed (also known as ‘water lens’ or ‘bayroot’) is an aquatic angiosperm (flowering plant) of the Family Lemnoideae which has five genera: Spirodela, Landoltia, Lemna, Wolffiella and Wolffia.

Azolla and Lemna are often found growing together in freshwater ponds, lakes and other bodies of still or sluggist water.

Details at: http://theazollafoundation.org
I finally found duckweed. See this thread: http://www.farmersjoint.com/Thread-I-Fin...d-Duckweed.
I Now Grow Duckweed: See http://www.farmersjoint.com/Thread-Growing-My-Duckweed
Thanks for the tips Henlus.

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