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Factory Farming: A Blessing or A Curse?
Hello all, I’ll like to know what you think about factory farming. With some people, that words brings to mind animal cruelty, antibiotic misuse, pollution and so on. On the other hand, they’ve really help in feeding the booming population of the world. Now to you personally, what is your view about factory farms? What better ways can the world be fed without harming the environment?
Food for the Nation.
Decentralization is the answer. Just like in the power industry where it more efficient to have small power stations here and there than having few very large ones. Small holder farmers scattered throughout the country can feed a country without severe environmental problems.
I believe factory farming is a good thing because it makes food cheap. With large scale production, you have economies of scale. However, I don't like the way some farmers misuse drugs. Farmers should also look into natural alternatives like herbs, essential oils and plant extracts.
In countries like the US, the law favors factory farms than small ones. I don't want that to be the case in Nigeria. In some states, they're are not allowed to own chickens . Some that allow will specify the maximum one may have. There is also restrictions on individuals that want to sale agro produce.
I think factory farming without the inhumane aspect is good. I hate the practice of antibiotic abuse. They should look into herbs as a means of boosting immunity. The reason why I like factory farming is because of their efficiency. Small scale farms can't match their efficiency and scale.
(12-12-2017, 09:40 AM)Danny Wrote: I think factory farming without the inhumane aspect is good. I hate the practice of antibiotic abuse. They should look into herbs as a means of boosting immunity. The reason why I like factory farming is because of their efficiency. Small scale farms can't match their efficiency and scale.

I agree with u bro. The problem with factory farming are pollution, antibiotic misuse, health risk and inhumane treatment of animals. If these problems can be addressed, then I have no problem with factory farming. With herbs, probiotics, probiotics, essential oils, better management etc, these problems can be addressed.
As for people who stand against factory farming, I'll like them to point out a better way to feed billions of people. I know that small farms can't do that. Talking about humane treatment, it does not necessarily mean that smaller farms treat their animals humanely. When you visit some small farms you'll see animals living in dirty, wet pens. They're constantly disturbed by flies and mosquitoes and sick animals are not often treated well due to lack of capital. The animals are exposed to predators and extreme weather conditions.
Some factory farms are way better than small farms. The summary of the whole thing is that there are good and bad factory farms. So no one should generalize.
Sustainable living matters a lot. We don't have to live for now alone and forget the future generations to come. So any practice that is detrimental to the environment should be shunned and better alternative should be adopted, even if those alternatives are less profitable. In apple and pear orchade in China, the trees are pollinated by humans because most of the bees that would have done the job have been killed by pesticides and there is lack of natural habitat for the bees. Imagine what will happen if the world's bees die off. About 75% of all crops require pollination by bees and other species. The whole human beings in the world cannot do what these pollinators are doing, yet we kill them everyday with pesticides. If all the pollinators die, we'll have to depend mainly on wind pollinated crops like wheat, corn and barley.
How can we solve this problem? Studies have shown that planting strips of wild flowers on the farm and leaving patches of natural vegetations like forest can greatly increase population of pollinators. It will also increase population of natural predators that kill pests, reducing the need for pesticides. This is just one of the many ways to help our pollinators.
This is easier said than done, but governments have to do sth about it.
Highly intensive farming may not be sustainable in the long term. This is because of the high stocking density required. When animals are that concentrated, disease will easily spread and this is why they abuse antibiotics.

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