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Fermented feed for Chickens/birds
To make fermented feed for animals like chickens, you place the feed in a bucket and cover it with water. Leave it for at least 2 days and you get a fermented feed. You have to make sure the feed is completely covered with water at all time, else it will spoil.

Some people online said they get good result with fermented feeds. What I’ve read range from less smelly droppings, improve digestion and intestinal health, increase egg production and egg weight, stronger shells and improved growth. The good thing about it is that it is easy to make. Large commercial farms don’t use it not because it is not beneficial, but because they don’t have the necessary equipment to handle wet feed. Their costly feed equipment were designed to handle dry feed. But for small holder farmers with fewer than a thousand birds or so, you can still make fermented feed for your chickens! I’ll be doing it for my next batch of chicks. 
Keep us posted. It will be great if it work out. I once thought this is impossible until I remember what's involve in making garri from cassava. So soaking it in water will not spoil it.
Have you tried this yet?
I have tried it and they like it. But I didn't feed a large enough quantity.

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