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Bad Wormer for Pregnant Goat
Deworming a pregnant goat is important before she gives birth so that the kids will not contact worms. And worms can retard growth of kids. If you have a pregnant goat, do not worm her with Valbezen wormer because it will cause abortion, especially during the first 45 days of pregnancy. Oxfendazole is also bad for pregnant does.

It is better to do fecal test before you worm. The test will tell you which wormer to use because there are different types of worms and one wormer cannot kill all types of worms. Some worms are also resistant to some wormers. If you can’t do test, you’ll need to worm every 2 months or so. Worm and quarantine new goats before they come into your farm.

Always worm the doe the day after she give birth because the stress of kidding makes her susceptible to worms and hormones she release can awake dormant parasites in her. Tape worm usually appear like “rice” in the feces. If a goat looks thinner, you should worm.

A safe wormer for pregnant goat are any wormer that contains Ivermectin, fenbendazole, Lavamisole. Overdose of moxidectin is dangerous to pregnant animals.

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