Full Version: Making small poultry farms work
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reside deep in the heart of kaduna, graduate of chemical engineering whose heart has always been in love with farming, especially livestock. Now my singular goal is to marry both to aid boost Agric Business in Nigeria. For now I own a small poultry farm but my mind harbors a plan for the near future. I am glad to be here as I always advocate for the free flow of information as long we all do the same. This thread will host my current experiences good and the other good
Imagine being tired then you realise you need to change the litter for the birds. But then what needs to be done needs to be done, they are 32 days old, 24 more days to go
When I had a poultry farm, I realize that no matter how tired I may be, I must do what is to be done or else, birds will start falling sick or production will drop. I didn't joked with keeping the pen clean.
Why didn't you continued @ Op? Was there any problem? Share and get helpful solutions.