Full Version: Benefits of Aspirin for Birds
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Aspirin can be given to birds to help them cope with sickness. Dosage is five 325 mg aspirin tablets in one gallon of water (or about 25 mg/lb body weight per day). Give it to them throughout the illness period.
It can also be use to boost the immune system of crops. I wrote about it here:
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Action : painkiller, anti-inflammatory

For symptoms of fever and listlessness, to alleviate symptoms of viral infections if no other treatment is available.

Dose* : dissolve 1x 300mg soluble aspirin tablet in 27ml of water, administer 0.5ml per kg of bodyweight by dropper daily. Soluble aspirin in NZ is called ‘Disprin’ (normal aspirin will not dissolve in water).

Caution : don’t administer aspirin to a bird receiving tetracycline, insulin, allopurinol or other NSAID drugs.

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