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Pig Info Collection
Dear fellow piggery Farmers,
If your farm is in any of the categories below then its time to make some adjustment for profitability.

1. If you have more pigs than you can feed properly then they will soon lead you to loses
Make some adjustments increase the feeds or reduce the number to meet the available feeds.

2. If you are feeding your pigs on good nutritious feeds but they are not gaining weight (I.e Commercial breeds gain up to 70-100kgs or above in 6 months from birth.) Then perhaps its time to look for a trusted breeder to get you commercial breeds for profitability. "It is said even if you give all the nutrition in the world to a goat, it can never be as fat as an elephant because it only has growth characters of a goat"

3. If you have been allowing everyone into your farm its time to lock its gate and major on E-commerce or have a sales point a way from the pig units to simply avoid losing your farm to infections such as African Swine Fever (Lift up the biosecurity alert to Red).

4. If you recently lost your stock to African  swine fever outbreak then you need to come back and  clean that place properly with soap, jik or any other detergent and disinfectants, it is time to fight, though you lost the battle but the war is still on. Therefore Arm yourself with good genetics,feeds and triple your bio security measures. Become a David and kill Goliath.

5.  If you don't have structures yet for the animals, then its time you thought of how to get them to protect these animals from harm for profitable farming. Otherwise your animals are exposed to many dangers.

6. If you have no knowledge on piggery but have passion then, get knowledge first invest in knowledge first before you can invest in any genetics. Passion is Good but knowledge is excellent.

7. If you have been inbreeding, its time to stop and crossbreed but not over crossbreed again.

8.  If you are a new farmer, be humble and seek for guidance from trusted sources on genetics, feeds & nutrition

From a Whatsup group: The Pig Farmers Arena.
Is mixing water in pig feed necessary?
Yes. It helps in digestion and reduces feed wastage. See https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/article...po=18.8889
(10-06-2022, 11:06 AM)FarmKing Wrote: Yes. It helps in digestion and reduces feed wastage. See https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/article...po=18.8889

Hello great minds, I discovered a new scam ongoing in the piggery sales sector and I want to alert potential  sales of pigs to this new system. It involves the use of this so called 300kg or 500kg hanging scales

Some agents of pigs go about with this type of scales and when they get to your farm while scaling with it, they expertly manipulate the scales with a little rubber tied to the back of the scale in such a way that pigs that is supposed to weigh 62kg can weigh 48 kg now.

They are even very wicked removing as much 25kg from pigs weighing over 150kgs

They know approximately what kgs they are pulling out and after they ask the buyer to do kill and divide with them.

So if you are selling maybe 4000kgs now ,you might end up collecting cash for 3450kg ,the remaining 550kgs will be shared by the buyer and the agents.

I think this is very wicked and despicable.

How would the farmer recover his expenses? How can the agent even have more pigs to sell later self.?

As soon as the agent told me about this on my trip to purchase, I tactically told the farmers to go and get thier scales and not to allow any agent near it.

Even if they are using your own, they know how to manipulate the scale to give a smaller readings.

So don't allow the buyer or agent get near your hanging scales if you want to sell and don't have a walk in scale.

Always be extra vigilant especially while dealing with ogun state and Lagos and Ibadan axis agents.

Get your scales and your scaling boys yourself.

Just thought this will be worth sharing since my conscience won't allow me to keep quiet in this midst of this day light robbery.

Thank you and pls share if you know other ways farmers are being scammed of thier money.

Must Haves in Your Arsenal if You Must Run A Productive Farm*


▪︎LA Oxytetracycline (I only recommend Tridox Brand)
▪︎Iron (if Dextran, better)
▪︎Levamisol Dewormer. (Immunosol is preferred)
▪︎Ivermectin Dewormer (I only recommend Kepromec)
▪︎Oxytocin (if you are a breeder)
▪︎Dexamethasone (as a steroid not for weight gain)
▪︎Procaine Penicillin
▪︎Streptomycin powder
_(If you can get penstrep suspension, it works to replace Procaine Penicillin and Streptomycin powder as it is a mix of both)_
▪︎Tetracycline capsules (packs)
▪︎Flagyl tablets (packs)
▪︎Estradiol/Estrumate (If you are intentional about synchronised breeding for efficiency)


▪︎Toxin Binder


▪︎5ml and 10ml syringes
▪︎Small needles (green head) for Small pigs, Big needles (pink/ yellow head) for big animals
▪︎Teeth clipper for piglets teeth (very key)
▪︎Weighing scale (hanging, table, floor, walk-in, whatever)


▪︎Diesel (very important weapon for combating and fixing skin related issues)
▪︎Bleach (Hypo, Jik)
▪︎Detergent or Liquid Soap
▪︎Formaldehyde (In moments of disease outbreak)
▪︎Caustic Soda (In moments of disease outbreak)
Great info.

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