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We are moving. - Milk_Bone - 05-23-2017

Hi.  We are moving to California soon to look after my uncle's business.  I have started searching for our new home.  I have 3 on my list.  Now I need your help about our purchase.  Do you happen to know a reliable company that offers a long term-fixed mortgage?  I really need recommendations.  Thanks for your time.

RE: We are moving. - stubbynubb - 05-24-2017

Is this your first purchase? here are some tips for buying a house:

RE: We are moving. - Milk_Bone - 05-31-2017

It will be my first purchase and upon checking with a credit union, my credit standing will qualify me to apply for a loan, however, they need a certain number of months of membership before my loan will be approved. I am in no rush to purchase a house but it would be good to move in right away. I considered this credit union because of their mortgage rates california.

I am considering inquiring from a commercial bank although for sure, their rates are much higher.

RE: We are moving. - PandaLover - 07-15-2019

If you're buying a house, always take into consideration the location of the place you want to purchase. If it is strategic for your workplace, and other places you need to visit from time to time. Since I am already a mom when we purchased our house, it has come to my attention that there would be a need for me consider travel as there were a lot of that I need to take note when travelling with babies especially newborns. I hope you'll be able to make a good buy! And I hope you'll be happy with your new home. Good luck!