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The Warning God Gave Me After I Began To Write Worldly & Ungodly Scripts - Mike Bamil - Manihot - 08-24-2022

Popular Gospel Actor and Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye in a recent post on his official Facebook page spoke about why Christians should use their gifts and talents for God. He titled it "Gifted For The Kingdom Reason."

Several years ago, before I entered the ministry, during our church convention, I was standing outside the large church building on that Sunday morning, when a very famous music minister was called upon to come out and minister to us in song. She walked out to the front, grabbed the microphone and began to sing. Shortly, the whole place became electrified with the presence of God. I and a lot of others were standing outside the church building because there was no longer space inside to sit. The anointing that morning was so heavy upon the congregation as the voice of that woman rent the hallowed chamber of the large hall.

As he listened to the songs she sang, he could not control himself anymore when he began to sob in tears and pray: " LORD, you are using a woman, use me too. I want to serve You. Use me too..." This was all he was praying in tears when he suddenly began to hear His voice coming up from me. He heard God plainly speaking to him, "I will use you if you surrender your gift at my feet." "That was the contention, my Gift, my talents. I was a gifted writer. I wrote drama scripts and novels. But many of the things I wrote at that time were non-christian literary pieces," he said.

Speaking further, he said that when the Lord was talking to him that morning, his heart went directly to the drama scripts he had just written which were not Christian stories, but mere mortal, theatrical secular themes. He heard Him that morning, telling him to stop using his writing gift to write whatever he liked. "And I was crying because I was told to stop writing all I was writing if I would be used by God. I didn't want to stop writing those theatrical dramatic pieces; I didn't want to stop writing those adventurous and investigative novels that profited the Heavens nothing," he said.

In order to convince God otherwise or please Him, he adopted another strategy. He began writing Bible stories in dramatic form but with traditional secular themes, that had no reference to God or any spiritual lessons. He was glued to this gift and it had become an idol to him. He found it difficult to submit it at the feet of Christ and could not do what the Lord was demanding from him. He continued in this till one morning, the Lord showed him in a dream, that unless he obeyed Him and go urgently to withdraw those scripts from the publishing companies that had offered and prepared to publish them, the devil would use the published books to rubbish his ministry later in life and He would not be able to do what He wanted to do in my life and ministry.

He then woke up in the morning and told his wife that he needs to travel to those publishers. He went to them and met one of the Publishing Directors who was, incidentally, in charge of that particular script. She was a woman and he told her what he had come to do which was to withdraw his script from publishing. He never wanted it to be published again. She tried to persuade him, but he stuck to his request. She said she was also a Christian, but there was nothing bad in the script but he stuck to his demand. At last, she agreed and said she would table the matter before the management and send the manuscript to him. She presented a document to him and he signed and left the place. A week later, he got the script back. I was relieved and then told the Lord, "I hereby submit all my gifts at your feet." And that was all.

Therefore, every gift is deposited in a person's life by God for the Expansion of the Kingdom of God, it is not meant to serve your pleasures and neither was it given to you to do whatever you like with it.