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Biogas Production - AaronMwidu - 06-20-2021

I would like to get some advice on how to get my biogas digester working. We installed it in a refugee camp and the feedstock is a blend of human waste and cow dung. Its been 2 weeks and there is still no gas. I have ensured there isn't any gas leakage by sealing all joints using araldite and silicon.

RE: Biogas Production - Henlus - 06-20-2021

Can you post some pictures of it? It will help us in giving you better advice.

RE: Biogas Production - FarmKing - 06-20-2021

You need to have more patience. It takes 10-30 days for a new biogas digester to start producing. Sometimes, up to 90 days depending on temperature, type of feedstock and type of digester.