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About Noiler and Kuroiler Birds - Henlus - 08-05-2019

Noiler was developed in Nigeria by Amo farm Sieberer Hatchery by crossing broilers and cockerel. Their color can be black, white, yellow, brown or gray patches. They attain 3-4kg in 4 months. Cockerels can reach 2kg in 6 months. They are good foragers and so like local birds, they can be left to find food for themselves.

Noilers are more disease resistant than broilers. Hens start laying at 22 weeks old and can lay for 2 years, giving about 200 eggs per year. Their eggs are bigger than those of local hens.

Kuroilers: Developed in India by crossing white leghorn rooster with Rhode Island Red hen or
colored broiler rooster with Rhode Island Red hens. They are also good foragers and can look like Noilers. They grow faster than noilers but need more care. They are best raised under extensive or semi intensive system as giving only formulated feed is not cost effective. They can attain 5kg in 4 months. They lay 150-200 eggs per yr and resist diseases better
than noilers.

Both breeds do not brood chicks by themselves.