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Poultry Farm Biosecurity - Henlus - 08-05-2019

Biosecurity are measures taken to prevent pests and diseases from entering the farm. It involves limiting visitors' entry, controlling vermins like rats, controlling insects like litter beetles, mosquitos, full change of cloth by staffs, foot dip with phenol at every
door etc. Rats can transmit a lot of deadly diseases to birds. They also recontaminate disinfected pens. Mosquitoes can transmit fowlpox, including the dreaded wet form of fowlpox. Litter beetles, rats, can transmit diseases and recontaminate pens. For more info on biosecurity, see

RE: Poultry Farm Biosecurity - FarmKing - 01-26-2020

These a little things some farmers will ignore and regret later. Thanks for sharing.