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Whitefly-resistant plants - FarmKing - 05-28-2019

Good evens. all. Pls who knows plants that can survive whitefly infestation? That pest is a big problem in dry season when farming is more profitable.

RE: Whitefly-resistant plants - Henlus - 06-10-2019

Tackle them with tutaforce and tihans. Using sprinkler irrigation also help to knock down and kill their eggs and pupa. Flour spray also work. Mix 2 cups of any flour in 5-10 liters of water and spray it under the leaves. As the flour dries, it will dry out their eggs and pupa. Planting coriander helps repel them. Neem oil also help.
Note that all pesticides shud be applied under the leaves because that is where they stay.
You can also plant crops they love around the border of your main crop to divert their attention to the border crops. One crop they love so much is cucumber. They also like cassava.