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Whiteflies-worst dry season pests - FarmKing - 05-28-2019

I noticed that whiteflies are problematic especially during the dry season. What is the best way of controlling them?

RE: Whiteflies-worst dry season pests - PandaLover - 08-28-2019

I noticed this too. I can't quite remember but I read somewhere that there's a homemade mixture you can use to get rid of them. Also, avoid using chemical insecticides because they're somehow resistant to it. If there's anyone who's well-versed in this situation, we'd love to hear from you as well! Smile

RE: Whiteflies-worst dry season pests - Henlus - 08-28-2019

They are quite difficult to control as they breed fast in high temperature conditions. From what I have read, spraying underside of plant leaves with garlic solutions will repel them. Flour or starch solution can kill the immature stages and these are the most destructive. Adults are destructive mostly when they are transmiting virus. In such case, only few adults will devastate huge farmland. Another way to control them is by planting crops like cucumber, okra etc round the border of your farm. They will prefer these crops and will leave the main crop alone.