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How to manage as an "Absentee" farmer - ASOKEM - 02-18-2015

I'm about to commence operations on a layer-poultry farm (5,000-bird take-off). Owing to the nature of my job i can not afford to be there expt for weekends.

I'm aware this is a challenge, but every challenge is summountable.

What practical steps do you advise i take to succees as absentee farmer.

Please advise

RE: How to manage as an "Absentee" farmer - FarmTech - 02-18-2015

Trust. The manager should be someone you trust. You must make sure they keep written record of everything that happens in the farm - mortality, vaccination, feed bought or formulated, etc. Workers should not carry bags into the farm, they should keep it somewhere in a house by the gate and they should be searched b4 they go out. Some workers can crack eggs and pour into colored bottles or flasks, so beware.