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Crayfish Farming Question - FarmTech - 01-11-2015

Is anyone here into crayfish farming? Or do you have any experience about it?

RE: Crayfish Farming Question - FarmKing - 01-19-2015

I guess there is none.

RE: Crayfish Farming Question - Henlus - 03-11-2015

Do we even practice it in nigeria?

RE: Crayfish Farming Question - jesusbaby6 - 01-25-2016

I doubt

RE: Crayfish Farming Question - FarmKing - 02-29-2016

Is it fresh or salt water? What do they really feed on?

RE: Crayfish Farming Question - Ekene - 04-04-2016

I've seen crabs in some lagos rivers. Is it similar to crayfish?

RE: Crayfish Farming Question - Henlus - 03-20-2018

Advantages of farming redclawed crayfish:

Breeds easily, with no larval stage development.
Potential for selective breeding; many wild population strains.
Tolerates high stocking densities.
Requires low protein diet, not reliant on fishmeal.
Market position as a high value crustacean.
Flesh texture and flavour compares favourably with other crustaceans.
Meat recovery rate acceptable.
Reaches commercial size in nine months grow-out.
Survives well out of water for transport to market.
Straightforward production technology.
Tolerant of variations in water quality - low dissolved oxygen, wide daily pH changes, low alkalinity, temperature variations, high nutrient loads.
Tolerates saline water up to 5 ‰ indefinitely and up to 15 ‰ for several days. This provides broad geographic potential and a means of enhancing flavour, purging and cleaning before sending to market.
No destructive burrowing.
Non aggressive – cannibalism not regarded as an issue.