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Melange Farming - FarmTech - 01-11-2015

Catfish farmers normally raise their fish until they attain a weight of 0.8kg or more before they sell. But in mélange farming, catfish are raised to 300-500g (for 2.5-3 months) before they’re sold either fresh or smoked. This method is highly profitable because at such a young age, catfish will grow faster while eating less feed.
It would be far more profitable if you hatch your own fish than when you buy them.

Possible Markets
• You can sell them fresh or smoked to market women that sell fish. They’ll buy in bulk and no packaging is required.
• You can sell them smoked to shops/malls or in offices like the banks, government institutions etc. You’ll get ready customers if it is well packaged.

Giving honor to whom honor is due: I got this idea from a forum friend called Robonski on Nairaland. From his posts and threads I see him as an experience fish farmer. If you have specific questions about this topic, you can contact him for help.

RE: Melange Farming - FarmKing - 01-19-2015

Nice idea.

RE: Melange Farming - FarmKing - 01-31-2015

Does anyone know about oven-drying fish?

RE: Melange Farming - Henlus - 03-11-2015

Oven drying might be more costly than smoking.

RE: Melange Farming - jesusbaby6 - 01-25-2016

Yes. According to Robonski on nairaland, melange is lucrative

RE: Melange Farming - FarmKing - 02-29-2016

Sun drying before smoking or oven drying can save cost. Good during dry season.