Full Version: My Cucumber Farm Journey June 2023
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Here is a summary of my cucumber farm planted on 16th June 2023. 1173 plants in total at a spacing of 60cm between plants  and 1m between rows. I used Rocket nematicide, applied NPK 20:10:10 three times and manure 3 times.

I pruned them and trained them to climb the staking net. To protect from pests and diseases, and to boost growth, I sprayed them with a combo of insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizer, aspirin and magnesium sulphate every 4 days.

First harvest started on 25th July (40 days after planting). But because they were not all planted at once first harvest was not up to 1 bag. Just 14.5kg (1 bag is about 54kg). 2nd harvest was 3.5 bags. I normally harvest every 3-5 days.
Pictures coming soon.
Second harvest.

[Image: 2nd-harvest.jpg]
Plant spacing was roughly 60cm by 1 meter. 

[Image: cuke-ridges.jpg]
Training the vines to climb the staking net is one of the most difficult work I experienced. Not because it requires hard work but because it is painfully slow.

[Image: matured-cuke-plants.jpg]

[Image: matured-cuke-plants2.jpg]
It wasn't easy  Smile

[Image: henry-in-farm.jpg]
[Image: 3rd-harvest.jpg]
3rd Harvest
4th Harvest

[Image: 4th-harvest.jpg]
5th Harvest

[Image: 5th-harvest.jpg]
6th Harvest [Image: 6th-harvest.jpg]
7th Harvest

[Image: 7th-harvest.jpg]
8th Harvest

[Image: 8th-harvest.jpg]
9th Harvest[Image: 9th-harvest.jpg]
10th Harvest

[Image: 10th-harvest.jpg]
11th Harvest

[Image: 11th-harvest.jpg]
12th Harvest

[Image: 12th-harvest.jpg]
13th Harvest

[Image: 13th-harvest.jpg]
14th Harvest

[Image: 14th-harvest.jpg]
15th and Last Harvest 

[Image: 15th-harvest.jpg]
Waw. How many bags in total?