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Do you wish to ask a quetion on but don't know how to create a new topic? This short tutorials will show you how to with pictures. has a lot of sections such as Livestock farming, Aquaculture, Crop and Plantation Farming, Agroprocessing etc. If you want to create a new topic in any of the sections, just click on it. Let's say you want to post to the "Livestock farming" section. Click on it.


You will be taken to the "Livestock farming" page as shown below.


Scan the top-right section of the page to find "Post Thread" link (See the picture above). Click on that link ( i.e Post Thread) and you'll be taken to the page where you can type in your ‘Thread subject' and 'message' (question/information).
Note: Another name for ‘Post Topic’ is ‘Post Thread


Your message can either be a question or an interesting information you wish to share with fellow farmers (or people interested in farming).                                                              
Click on 'Post Thread' to create your new topic/thread.


Congratulations. You have created a new topic/thread!
Possible Problem and there Solution:
Sometimes if you click on the 'Post Thread', instead of creating a new thread, you will be redirected to the same page with the 'subject' and 'message' texts deleted. This occur due to some glitches in the forum software and it’s not our fault. But we apologise for the inconvenience.
The solution is this. Click the back button of your browser to go back to the page containing your texts. Copy the texts and click the forward button of your browser. Paste your text and click on 'Post Thread'. If it happens again, repaste your texts.

Thanks for reading this. I believe you can now post threads on We have free gifts like ebooks for active members. Make up to 10 posts to access your first sets of ebooks. As a registered members you can download these ebooks here.