Full Version: Armyworm Chemical Control
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Around 2016, my area experienced massive infestation by armyworm. It seemed to be a national problem since newpapers bear the news. To control them use these insecticides: diazinon (acephate), alpha cypermethrin (pyrethroid), chlorpirifos (organophosphate), diflubenzuron (insect growth regulator), trichlorfon (acephate), chlorantraniliprole (ryanoids, 28), spinetoram (5), emamectin benzoate (avermectin), indoxacarba (oxadiazine) and lambda cyhalothrin (pyrethroid, 3).

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for Sharing. where can I get all those chemicals?
You should agrochemical dealers in marketplaces.
This is really giving farmers headache.