Full Version: Comparing Fuel Value of Biogas with Firewood, Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, Cow Dung, LPG
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The following applies to biogas containing:
Methane (CH4): 50-70 vol.%, carbon dioxide (CO2): 28-48 vol.%, other gases: up to 2 vol.%.
1 kg firewood = 200 litres (0.2m3) biogas.
2. 1 kg dried cow dung = 100 litres (0.1m3) biogas. Note: Some people use dried cow dung as fuel in cooking, e.g. India.
3. 1 kg charcoal = 500 (0.5m3) liters biogas.
4. 1m3 of biogas is equivalent to 0.45 litre of petrol, 0.55 litre of diesel, 0.60 litre of kerosene, or 0.5 kg of LPG.
You can use this data to determine how much fuel biogas will save you. From that you can calculate the worth of your biogas in terms of money.

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1 kg charcoal = 500 (0.5m3) liters biogas.?

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Yes, in terms of energy content. It simply means that 500 Liters (0.5m3) of biogas will cook the same quantity of food as 1 kg charcoal.
I'm yet to see anyone that actually uses biogas.