Full Version: Plifering on the farm- A major killer of investment
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Agric business is generally know to be profitable. People start one arm or the other of agriculture for several reasons- some for passio, others see it as a mainstream investment.

To both group of farmers, pilfering by farm personnel could kill passion/drain investment.

Please let's delibrate on measures to put in place to curb this menace.
Here is what I made in another post: "Trust. The manager should be someone you trust. You must make sure they keep written record of everything that happens in the farm - mortality, vaccination, feed bought or formulated, etc. Workers should not carry bags into the farm, they should keep it somewhere in a house by the gate and they should be searched b4 they go out. Some workers can crack eggs and pour into colored bottles or flasks, so beware"
It is good to check the workers to avoid stealing gods from the company ,because they are been paid for their works