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Dear All,
the attached manual could be of help to catfish farmers and affter reading pls lets come back here to discuss the workability,of the hatching techniques used in the manual
Thanks alot.
(01-31-2015, 01:06 PM)FarmKing Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks alot.

you are welcome,knew u on nairaland,i have always being a silent learner there.
Thanks for uploading.
I will download it when I connect my PC to internet, my phone can't read pdf. Thanks for uploading.
Thanks for this interesting ebook.
This ebook contains everything about hatching catfish. Thank you very much op. Some internet farmer may be selling this for N5000.
Wonderful ebook. Thanks for sharing.
Finding it difficult to download ?
Finding it difficult to download the book
Finally downloaded. Thanks. God bless you
I just downloaded
Thanks a lot
ok thanks
Great ebook. Have anyone practiced it?
Can catfish be reared in a place where there is no electricity, using generator as the source of power to pump water?
please how can I get a copy of this eBook too. I think it will be interesting
Please, the downloaded seems to have been Deleted.
It has been re-uploaded.